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lyrichristian's Journal

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lyrichristian is a LiveJournal icontest for both Christian music lyrics and Bible verses. Weekly contests center around a certain theme: a set of lyrics/chapter of the Bible, a band/book of the Bible, an image or a concept (such as God's glory) that you can express through a lyric or Bible verse of your choice.

Remember that icontests aren't just about winning--they're about having fun, improving your graphic design skills, and being inspired by different ideas. This is a friendly icontest, so fight nice. :)

You have to be a member of the community to submit entries and/or vote. But you can be a member of the community and vote without submitting entries.

New themes are announced on Fridays. You can submit an entry anytime until the following Friday at 10 p.m. Central Standard Time. (Or before I've put up the voting post.) Voting begins seven days after the theme is announced, and the voting period is sometime Friday night or Saturday morning until Sunday night at 10 p.m. CST. Winners are posted soon after the votes are counted.

Don't take any icons you see here without asking the maker of the icon. If you don't know who made it (you saw it in the voting post, but it didn't win that week) comment in the voting post and we'll see what we can do. ;)

  1. Each week each member can submit two icons to the theme's submission post. Comments are screened so only the mods can see your icon.

  2. Obviously, don't steal someone else's work. If you're taking brushes, templates, and/or textures from someone else, please credit your sources. Do not use a base created by someone else.

  3. All submissions are to remain anonymous (as in you can't tell other people you made it). The entry must be new to the internet; you can't post it anywhere else before or during the contest.

  4. Your entry must fit LJ standards: 100x100 pixels, less than 40 kb in size, and in GIF, JPG or PNG format.

  5. A contest must have at least five submissions to run.

  6. You may make changes to your entry or enter a new icon until the submission deadline, so long as you leave a comment letting us know.

  7. The moderators of this icontest can submit icons, especially if a contest lacks participation. However, we won't make an icon and then choose a theme that fits it; we will only make icons after we've decided on a theme.

  8. As of July 20th, 2006 Email submissions will no longer be accepted.

  1. To vote, you must comment on the voting post. All comments are screened so only the mods can see your votes.

  2. In this icontest you can vote for yourself. All the same, only vote for your icon as the best if you believe it is. Do your best to be an impartial judge.

  3. Don't tell your friends to vote for your icon or in any way break anonymity before voting is over. Don't use multiple accounts to vote for your icon. Play fairly. This is a Christian icontest community, so the "no cheating" rules should go without saying.

  4. Votes in this icontest are weighted: the icon you vote for in first place gets three points, second place two points, third place one point. You must vote for three different icons. All votes should look like this:
First: 18
Second: 31
Third: 26

Or this:

  1. Each week there will be a first, second, and third place winner.

  2. If there are ties, they will be broken in a post Sunday night after the votes are counted: the first icon to receive five votes will be declared the winner of the tie.

  3. Winners will receive banners showcasing their winning icons. If you place and don't want a banner, please comment in the post announcing the winners.

Week 01: Heaven
Week 02: MercyMe
Week 03: "Grace Like Rain"
Week 04: Green Images
Week 05: Lent
Week 06: Free-For-All
Week 07: "Beautiful Name" & Psalm 116
Week 08: Casting Crowns & Galatians
Week 09: Fire and Water Images
Week 10: Redemption
Week 11: "Can't Live A Day" & Psalm 84
Week 12: Hillsong & Matthew
Week 13: Light Images
Week 14: Royalty
Week 15: Foreign Languages
Week 16: "Perfect Day" and Isaiah 45
Week 17: "Million Pieces" and Ephesians 1
Week 18: "Can't Keep it In" and 1 Corinthians 13
Week 19: "Finding You" and 1 John 4
Week 20: Peace Images
Week 21: Encouragement
Week 22: "Sunshine" and 1 Peter 1
Week 23: "Falling in Love" and Philippians 4

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