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Week 24 Winners!!!!!

WOW! Thank you for all who voted and entered. This was an excellent contest with so many wonderful entries. The judging was hard, but the votes have been counted and the winners are in! EVERY SINGLE ICON received a vote, and even more, all but two received a first place vote! The votes were pretty heavily dispersed, proving that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Here are the results:

WINNERS of Week 24!

First Place: (18 votes)

Made by nailedcasket

Second Place: (14 votes)

Made by vigilant20

Third Place: (9 votes)

Made by songofsummer

Mod's choice: (my FAVORITE!)

Made by nailedcasket

And if you have time, it would be amazing if you all entered one or two icons in the current lyriChristian iContest!
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